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I received my first taste of missions when I was in middle school when I was in eighth grade and I went to Juarez, Mexico.  We went there as a youth group to build a church in a poverty stricken area.  After that I was able to go on several mission trips within theUnited States and even a few trips to the local prison in Memphis, TN, when I was in high school.  While in college I was able to go to Belo Horizonte, Brazil with a group and we did street evangelism and work for an orphanage.  As a group and we saw over 100 people profess Christ to be their Lord and Savior.


While at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary I was able to go to Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic and help a missionary there.  We went there to go door-to-door witnessing and to also perform baseball clinics.  With my background in baseball I was asked to help with the baseball clinics to use the clinics to gather a crowd and then share the love of Christ with them.


After graduating from seminary I had the opportunity to go to Fortaleza, Brazil to work with a missionary there.  This was a unique experience because this time I did not go as a member of a group, but I went by myself.  I was there for two weeks and got to street preach and even go into the public schools and share the gospel.  The purpose of this trip was for me to be able to see how the missionaries lived their lives on a daily basis, when a short term mission team is not there.  I went to small group Bible studies and listened to the missionaries strategize how they are going to reach more people for the cause of Christ.


I have led short term mission trips to Gulf Shores, Alabama and to Avon, Indiana here in the United States and to Isla Mujeres, Mexico and Satu Mare, Romania.


At a former church we adopted an old coal mining town in rural Appalachia that is now an impoverished area.  This town is within the same county of the church so we would make many trips there each month to help the people and try to lead the lost to the Lord.


We also started a Celebrate Recovery for Teens ministry to help teenagers in our community who are battling with addictions and hurts in their life.


I worked as a counselor at the local crisis pregnancy center where I helped counsel men, young and old, who come in to be tested for a sexually transmitted disease.  Every young man is presented with the Gospel with a concerted attempt to lead them to the Lord.


I was able to go on was to Guatemala with Joni and Friends.  We went there to give out free wheelchairs, walkers and crutches to people in need.  While they were there we were able to witness to them.  We gave away 235 wheelchairs and we saw forty people surrender their lives to Christ.


Brazil 2003

Romania 2008

Guatemala 2010

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